Book #12: Are You Witchin’ Kidding Me? The Witch’s Alpha by Laurell Emily Grey


Three friends. Three Witches. Three freakin’ stories.

Our first story starts with Bethany, Laura, and Raine as they go back to the house for a little slumber party. Dancing and drinking. Falling on their asses. Drinking some more. Girl talk. Did I mention drinking? Giggling. Casting a spell.
You know, the usual when Witches get wasted.
What could happen?

Bethany, an earth Wiccan with luscious curves, is harboring a tragic past. One with her parents and the wolves, the other with an ex. She cringes thinking about her ex; he’s the reason she left the BDSM lifestyle. However, a night out with the girls turns from fun to serious. She is suddenly drawn to a hunky Alpha werewolf who is unlike any man she’s ever met.

Wesley, the charming hot Alpha, has been waiting for years to be with his one and only mate. Once he rushes out to rescue her from a demon, there’s no going back. He can’t let her go, not now, not ever. He’ll do anything to keep Bethany safe and claim her as his mate. Love her. Hold her. Dominate her, the way she was meant to be, proving that there is a reason she needs to come back to BDSM.
She needs her true Master.

Stuck together in a life-threatening situation, there are only two options for Bethany and Wesley. To stay and let the demon find them or run.

And even though there is a demon on the loose, their fates are in the balance, the passion between these two lovers is so dangerously hot; neither of them can resist it.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. What follows is my own opinion and was not compensated in any way.

Let me begin by saying that if you aren’t an erotic reader or you are younger than 18, then march your tuchus away from reading this book. You have to be 18 or older to read this and I’m not going to get in trouble from your folks if you end up reading this after I already said you shouldn’t. The contents of this book is very steamy and BDSM.

That said, back to my review . . .

The writing style is different from your regular book. The first thing I noticed was the easy flowing nature of it. I’m not sure I can properly describe it, but I did like the style. The overall length of the story is quick. I was able to finish the book fast, like in one sitting.

I did like the friendship between Bethany, Laura, and Raine. They are a great trio and I could just imagine what other hijinks they have gotten themselves into that also involved magic. Their current spell backfires and separates them to what will be their own storylines and demons. This move, though at first can be seen as silly, is actually well thought out. I don’t know about the other two, but in Bethany’s case she actually grows after being separated from her friends.

That isn’t to say that her friends no longer become important. It just says to me that some demons need to be fought on your own and friends are there to celebrate or give a helping encouragement.

The main focus of the book is the relationship of Wesley (which threw me off because I have a brother with that name) and their BDSM lifestyle. Now, I’m not experienced in the BDSM world. In fact, my only other experience is probably from a very popular book trilogy that has a lot of backlash in the community of BDSM. I realize that that trilogy isn’t a good example and I do know the reasons why. Therefore, it was nice to see what (I’m assuming) a real BDSM relationship is like.

Despite being turned off by his name, Wesley is quite the animal. I love werewolves as romantic leads and he didn’t disappoint. The sex scenes were steamy and I could see their relationship grow into something more.

What I would have liked was more story about the demons themselves. Just why are they out? Who allowed those specific demons out? Maybe more of that will be revealed in the later books. I don’t know. I do know that the erotic is on par, the romance is decent, and the book boyfriend is yummy.

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