A Great Beginning

Ever since I could remember, writing has been a part of me. I am a serious bibliophile and love books so much that I wanted to make my own worlds and tell my own stories. Some people see themselves as a spouse or parent before their chosen career, but me? I’m a writer first and foremost.

Don’t get me wrong… I would sacrifice myself or my books for Bug. I only mean that writing is my first love.

I have started many books and have only finished two so far. One is a first draft and the other has made that next big step last Friday. That day I sent two queries to two indie presses. 

I can’t believe I was so nervous to send out some query emails, but I was! I won’t be able to hear back for a few months, but I’m optimistic! 

I do plan on sending out a few queries to agents as well. I figure the more baskets my hands are touching, the more likely I will get a result. Whether it is feedback or acceptance, I am looking forward to see what will come up. 

There’s a huge potential that you all will be seeing me as a book author and not just a blogger. I think I might die I’m so excited. No matter what, the book will be out there! If I have to self publish or I get accepted, it doesn’t matter. I will make it happen!

Thank you, everyone!

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