It Came!!!

For my birthday this year, I decided to get a box subscription. Since I’m big on Young Adult reads, I decided the perfect fit would be OwlCrate. For a month I’ve been waiting excitedly for that email saying that my OwlCrate was shipped. I got that email yesterday only to find out it was coming in today! Yep! I now have my OwlCrate and the contents are beautiful.

My little bibliophile self is just giddy. I’m a kid in a candy store with all of my goodies. And no worries . . . I took pics.

The first thing I did was take a picture of the box . . .

The beautiful box in all of its glory!
The beautiful box in all of its glory!

And of the inside . . .


And then I decided to just take a picture of all of the goodies versus each item individually. I did forget a button and some business cards.

Everything inside the box! Yep, I’m excited!!

Finally I did a close up of next month’s theme: Sailors, Ships, and Seas.


I’m not sure what the book could be just yet, but I do know BoyGirlParty has an item going in there. If that is a hint for you guys and you might know what it is, please tell me!

So far, I’m only seeing pros with having an OwlCrate subscription. For instance . . .

  • Great goodies and a Book!
  • A BOOK!
  • I’m less likely to spend on a new published YA book just in case it’s the book in the next month’s OwlCrate. Though my wallet isn’t safe from paperbacks.
  • It is teaching me restraint. I am like a kid waiting for everyone to wake up the morning of Christmas so that I can open gifts. I love this feeling . . . even if it means I need to relearn patience every month.
  • Did I mention there’s a book???
  • And finally, I’ve made a promise to read three books in my bookshelf every month to make up for the OwlCrate. So, if I play this right . . . I’m basically making room for more.

I am totally going to be reading Caraval soon!


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