Writing Update

I’m not sure how many of you are following me on Twitter or on Facebook and if you aren’t, that’s fine. If you are, you are part of the cool crowd. If you want to, I am not going to stop you! Pssst, we have cookies. We stole them from the Dark Side.

Anyway, if you do follow me, then you already know a bit of news pertaining to my first queries sent. If you don’t, here’s the news: I got my first rejection!

Well . . . technically it isn’t my first of all time, but it is my first where my book is concerned. How do I feel about it? Surprisingly good. The email back was very courteous and they even encouraged me to continue sending out queries. My book was just not for them at this point in time. That’s saying a lot.

I’m not sure if they would send a different type of letter if the book needs more help or whatnot, but I like the message enough that I have no problems with this rejection. Besides, a rejection is a good thing. Many great authors, both from today and the past, have experienced rejection. Stephen King, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens . . . the list goes on. I’m now a part of the club. Now, I just need to be a part of their other club.

As a reward to everyone and myself, I decided to post my first chapter of my book because of this rejection. As of right now, I haven’t seen anyone reading it, but knowing that it’s out there for readers is enough for me. Granted, I haven’t posted it here and I haven’t posted the URLs that the chapter is on. I happen to have a Figment and Wattpad account that it is in. Here are the sites:

My Figment

My Wattpad

Please feel free to read the first chapter if you wish and leave a comment! Every little bit helps. I was thinking of posting a new chapter with every rejection given. If I am unable to find a publisher or agent, I plan on self publishing. All in all, I’m feeling very upbeat about this.

On other writing news, I am working on one short story for an anthology. I also plan on submitting to another one as well as my usual literary journal The First Line. Not usual in the sense that I’m a frequent author in it, just a usual place I submit to. I’m also planning out book two to my young adult trilogy. I have a few chapters figured out, but I want to get some of these short stories submitted before I begin on the big project.

I’m also going to be editing a steampunk book that I finished a while back. It’s been sitting out for a while and needs that extra TLC. I’m planning on making that the first in a series and I also plan on writing short stories set in that world. I’m very proud of it because my mom actually read it and liked it. She didn’t even seem all that confused about the steampunk setting, which is a serious win.

All in all, I’m still writing and I’m still reading. I’m planning on getting a lot done and this rejection has made me very motivated to keep working. I even made a file in my email account for my rejections.

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