Book #40: Ray of Hope by E. L. Todd

Book Two of the Ray Series, new romantic comedy series from USA Today Bestseller E. L. Todd

E. L. Todd is what I call a guilty pleasure of mine. A lot of her books read like a soap opera. Characters are off having sex with each other, getting into serious legal issues, or cheating on their significant others. The only thing missing is a secretive twin, which I think would be cool in a future series.

The Ray series has some of that soap opera quality, but there is something different going on. Instead of the main character, Rae, sticking with the bad boy millionaire, it looks like there might be something else in her future. And I’m loving it.

Ray of Hope wasn’t as good as Ray of Light. At least, not Rae’s portion of the book. I felt it was kind of coming to the point it did. Her relationship with Ryker is a physical one and just didn’t/doesn’t sit well with me.

Rex’s portion of the book was far more interesting. To see Kayden be sneaky is just perfect. I just hope it doesn’t kick her in the butt in the end.

All in all, the book was a decent sequel and I know I’ll be reading the other books later on. I may just get the hard copy versions of them, but I’m not sure.

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