Book #41: Bury Me by Tara Sivec

I hear screams in my head.
I see blood on my hands.
When I look in the mirror I see a stranger.

How is it that I can remember bits and pieces of my life, but nothing of any importance and nothing that makes any sense? Everything is twisted and nothing is right. I’m choking with every breath I take, suffocating on the unknown.

Two days ago, everything changed. Two days ago, the people I should trust the most became strangers in my convoluted head. The dreams I have can’t be real. The fleeting memories that whisper through my mind are scary and wrong…they have to be. If they aren’t, I have something much worse to fear than my fractured mind. I need to find out the truth, even if it destroys me.

I’ve been told my name is Ravenna Duskin. I’m eighteen years old and I live in a prison…

Bury Me is the first book I have read by Tara Sivec. From what I understand, she is a prolific romance author and this was her first psychological thriller. I wouldn’t have pegged that.

Seriously, I would not have thought that Bury Me is the first psychological thriller book under her belt. In fact, I bet she has many thrillers hidden in her notebooks and computer. There has to be more work like this. I want there to be more work.

This book is a complete and utter mindfuck (pardon my language). I’m serious. You are hit with action and then shoved into a “what is going on” moment. I have made many theories and none really hit the actual truth until the end. It is well written, kept me on my toes, and I’m starving for more work like this.

I can’t delve into the story because each chapter has a tidbit that reveals the overall picture. Just know that this book is worth reading. And if you are an audiobook fan, you should listen to it. The narrator is amazing. She puts in the emotion that not many narrators do and the emotion is vital in this kind of book.

If you love horror, blood, and your mind blown, check out this book!

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