Book #85: Ghost Stories by Ron Ripley

Experience 8 Haunting ghost stories that will leave you running scared. This is a timeless short story collection you don’t want to miss! 

1. Crowe’s Bed and Breakfast 
2. The Dog Tracker 
3. The Treasure Hunter 
4. The Rosary 
5. Shelter 
6. The Shepherd 
7. The Shortcut 
8. The Ghost Hunters


Ghost Stories by Ron Ripley is a compilation of horror short stories set in his fictional town, Mason. Each story shows a haunted piece of the small New England town and a terrible end to most of its residents.

Some of the stories I actually didn’t care for. They felt a tad bit corny or used in horror stories I’ve read before. That’s the problem with most horror though. You will find similarities between stories just like you find similarities in horror movies.

That said, I did like a few of them. My favorite had to be the first and sixth story. When I was listening to the first one, I had a funny moment. I had said, “Oh, Jesus.” to an event that happens. No more than a breath later and the male lead said those exact same words. I had to laugh at that.

The sixth made me want to know more. I want to read another story tied into the event of the story. If Ripley is going to work on a new horror series, I would love to see more of the mythos to the sixth story.

In all, the shorts were good. Ripley is a fun writer and I do like reading his stuff. They are quick and fun reads.



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