Book #6: Bestseller by Christopher Knight

New York literary agent Anne Harper is spending one week in the solitude of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A small cabin, away from the world, where she can read manuscripts, relax, and be far removed from the madness of the city for a while. It’s a refuge from high-rises and noise, a time to read and rejuvenate away from the hectic pace of New York, tucked in the wilds of the north woods, dozens of miles from the nearest small town. She is alone.

Or, so she thinks.

For in this desolate wilderness, someone is waiting for her. A monster beyond anything she’s ever read about or even imagined. Someone who has other plans for her. With her.

When Anne finds a strange manuscript on her cabin doorstep deep in the forest, she is alarmed. How did it get there? When?

The manuscript, entitled BESTSELLER, is from none other than the would-be-author Gerald Morgan. A madman. A lunatic. He’s written a story about a literary agent that is being stalked by a deranged, sadistic killer. Morgan wants her to read his work and consider representing him.

And for Anne Harper, the nightmare begins at chapter 1.

I found out about this book from a friend. A friend who is amazing because she sent me this book (Thank you!).

The first thing I noticed is that this cover isn’t on Goodreads. Which is a shame because I like this cover. It’s minimal and gives you a direct idea on what’s in store. The blurb of the book is also not on Goodreads. Again, that’s a shame. If Mr. Knight reads this, I suggest doing that. Not sure what it’ll do, but I love this cover more than the first and it should be shown off.

That said, this book was a good read. I suggest reading it fast though. When I set it aside for a day or two, I ended up losing the groove of the book. The reason for that is because it’s very internal. Anne is mostly the only character in the book and she has minimal interaction with others for the most part.

Whereas having a mostly internal book isn’t a big deal, it’s actually very creepy considering, it didn’t have the same effect for me as it would if I read the book in one setting. Which I could have, but life got in the way.

I will say this, I was pulled into the story quickly. The imagery is disturbing. I did find myself cringing during the baddie’s chapters. Serious cringe worthy. I also felt emotional over Anne’s situation. Like I said, the book does get you thinking, but you need to read it all without too many days of no reading in between. The suspense loses its effect if you do.

Totally a 4/5 stars in my opinion. And that’s with the problem I had. Imagine if I didn’t spend a day or two not reading… damn.


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