Writing Wednesday #3: OMG GUYS!

Last week, I anxiously waited on Facebook. What was I waiting for? The results of those accepted to the paranormal romance anthology I submitted to. I waited…

And waited… and then…

THAT’S RIGHT! I’m in an anthology!!

What’s even better is that it is up and ready for Pre-order.

Here on Amazon!

It officially comes out on my birthday, Feb.14. It is published through Enchanted Anthologies.  I definitely plan on submitting to more anthologies with them and other places. This is just so exciting for me.

2018 is definitely a good year so far and my big 3-0 is going to start on a great note! I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish and show you guys what’s up.

Thank you, guys again for putting up with this blog. You guys rock!

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