Writing Wednesday #5: What I’m Discovering

Last Wednesday I told you guys about my Fiction Via Poll event. Well, so far it’s going great! I had a little hiccup finding a way to give out the chapters as they went, but I figured it out. Which reminds me, if anyone wants to see what the story looks like so far, check it out!

Just click on my Wattpad. I am updating the story titled “Fiction Via Poll” the same time I’m posting the chapters up for the event. So, you all can enjoy the reading if you wish.

That said, I have found that I am once again discovering new things about me as a writer. I would have to say it’s the same kind of break through experience I had during my first NaNoWriMo.

What did I discover? Well, two things actually.

  1. I don’t need an extensive outline. Not as extensive as I usually put on myself. I literally only need about two or three bullets. Just an event or two and an answer to a question from the previous chapter. This is really helping me just write on the fly and not feel constraints.
  2. I find that I like writing the chapters out in one document at a time. I thought at first that *Scrivener wouldn’t be a good idea, but now that I’m doing something similar (not really though because I don’t have Scrivener), I’m finding that writing a chapter at a time really helps. I’m not going through the other chapters and nitpicking. I’m just writing one chapter and moving ahead.

So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been discovering so far. I’m pretty proud of myself at how it’s going, but ultimately I’m thankful for everyone who is voting and/or reading the chapters as I go. They, you, everyone are a great help. I’m learning more and I’m having fun doing something that seems to be enjoyed.

I’m seriously thinking that I’ll have to continue the Fiction Via Poll thing. I might just have it so that the chapters are posted on Wattpad and have the polls there… or maybe on here. Either way, I’m definitely going to do this again (or continue)

*In case you don’t know what Scrivener is… it’s a writing processing program that organizes all your chapters and notes. You can basically have your whole writing bulletin on one program. This is a neat idea and I know it helps other authors, but I’m not sure it is for me. I tend to like to write by hand when it comes to certain things. Not saying I wouldn’t try it, just not sure if I would like it. I should probably just use the trial run for it and see.

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