Great News!

Hi guys . . . it’s been a while. For that, I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to really compile the brain cells into a cohesive machine for a while now. I’m currently forcing my brain to work.

Basically, a ton of emotional stuff has been going on that made this month pretty crazy and I feel like I just need a rest. That said . . . I have some AMAZING news!

Drum roll please . . .

I AM GETTING PUBLISHED!!! That’s right, your girl right here has a book nestled into the bosom of a publisher.

Thank you, Jimmy, for your dance. I’m excited too.

The publisher who decided to take that leap with me is BTP and Imprints.  My book is called Possession and will be in the imprint, Feather Dreams. This is their spot for young adult and I’m super excited about this!

Even though we are still in the infancy of making this happen, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be amazing. BTP&Imprints has an amazing group of people and I’m excited to be a part of the family.

That said, there is actually an event that I will be attending. It’s a Facebook party hosted by BTP&Imprints and Titan Publishing. There will be giveaways and authors published by these two publishers will be talking about their books.

And guess what?

Well, Chris Pratt (love you btw), I will be in the event! I have asked for the schedule slot for July 1st at 1400 (2pm) EST.  I won’t have much in giveaways (I’m slim in the book swag right now), but I will be talking about my book and what led up to it being made! This is a huge deal for me. It will be the kickstart to something amazing and I would love to see you guys there!

The event is called: Start of Summer Big Read Event and you can check it out HERE!

(Chris Pratt or Jimmy Fallon, if you guys happen to see this and actually join in . . . you may cause me to have a heart attack and squee like a little fangirl)


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