Writing Wednesday . . . an Unfortunate Update

Hey everyone.

So, remember last Friday (that would be June 29, 2018)? Well, unfortunately, it looks like my book Possession will not be getting published. This is no fault to anyone in BTP&Imprints or beyond. They are an amazing group of people. But difficult decisions had to be made.

Though I am bummed by this, I do know that this decision was the right move for everyone involved and I wish them all the best. I hope they know I will be cheering them on and will gladly help out if needed for whatever book related thing they are pursuing.

That said, I am not going to give up. There was an option to put the book with another indie publisher and I am looking into that. I’m also looking into maybe going through my work and reworking it. My writing style has changed quite a bit since I had first finished Possession and I may want to look into that.

To be honest, that is probably the route I’m going to go. As I’m writing this, I have no solid decision. I am hoping to have a decision out before this posts though so that I can have an update.

All in all, this is not as terrible a move as it could be considered and I really have no disappointment in this. It’s just a speed bump. I’ve driven over plenty to know that the car can keep moving. This car isn’t stopping anytime soon unless for gas or maintenance.

So, I’m actually okay with this. I just thought it right to give an update on my blog.

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