Book #47: Full-Bodied Orcgasm by Syn Root

Librarian Note: This is an expanded 2nd. Edition.

A Standalone Orc-Gasm Novella! 
w”What held my attention was that his loin cloth was now firmly propped up by the largest cock I had ever seen in my life. ” 
Maya is in trouble. Her spells have all been cast, and the only charms she has left are hidden between her slick, damp elven legs.

The rainforest is crawling with members of the Hard-Pole Orc Tribe. Every instinct is telling her to run …Well, almost every instinct. A deep part of this reasonably, innocent elf maiden is curious as Nine Hells to know if these Sexy Beasts live up to their Clan Name… 

Now Extended into a Standalone Steaming Hot, Fantasy Monster Erotica Novella. 

This 23k Word Novella describes the Adventure of the Hard-Pole Clan, as well as Maya’s Full Bodied Orc-Gasm! Contains Sex, Violence, and a HEA.

Okay. I have this thing about books that are ridiculous and erotica. The more outrageous the read, the more likely I’m going to grab it. Why? Because I’m a glutton for the crazy.

So, naturally, with a title like Full-Bodied Orcgasm, I couldn’t very well leave the book alone. There was no way I wasn’t going to be reading this book. Not only that, I told other booknerds about this book because it happened to work for a criteria (I am a part of an online reading competition you can find on Facebook called Book Battle, it is seriously fun guys). Needless to say, there were quite a few others who read Orc erotica for this criteria.

Okay. So, this book . . . I wasn’t expecting much with this book. I was hopeful that I would be rocked out of my socks and surprised at what happened, but I wasn’t expecting much. Expectations were VERY low on this.

Chapter one ended on the biggest WTF moment that I was ready to keep going. This book also inspired me to do a YouTube series that I am going to be working on starting August 2018. And yes, I will be talking about this gem of erotic literature.

And by gem, I mean bad. For a piece of literature, it is so/so. The writing is boring, the story didn’t make sense in places, and the sex scenes seemed forced at times. The ending also made no sense to the rest of the work.

That said, for the ridiculous quality of it, I gave it an extra .5 (which is why I put it as a 2 in GoodReads, I round up). For the whole of the book though, I wouldn’t really recommend. Not unless you love ridiculous reads too.

Final rating: 1.5/5

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