Book #48: Good Bones by L.A. Kelley

No matter how challenging the case, psychologist Katherine Fleming never shirks from helping a patient confront a painful issue. Her keen powers of observation and compassionate nature have eased many troubled souls, but a homicide detective with a buried secret of his own stirs more than just clinical interest. 

The first time Detective Jake Sumner spied the old house, he sensed the good bones. Little did he know the purchase of the property included an unusual tenant far from resting in peace. Can the new psychologist in town help him treat a ghostly trauma case or is his growing attraction to Katherine Fleming best left buried? 

With the help of a mysterious white cat and a mystic mirror, Katherine and Jake join forces to solve a murder. Can they stop a killer from claiming the next victim or will their investigation only lead them six feet under?

To begin, I want to state that I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Everything that follows is an honest opinion and I wasn’t compensated in any way for this review.

Now with that out of the way, what grabbed me right off the bat was the title and blurb. A good old ghost story with an old house and mystery doesn’t seem all that abnormal. It is a fairly common theme. That said, I’m a sucker for a ghost story.

L.A. Kelley not only did a good job at the creep factor, but added humor into her text, AND added a bit of something different that made the story memorable. I am constantly talking about the books I’m currently reading to my best friend. Usually, the ones that get the most airtime though are the ones I really enjoy or the ones I really hated.

Good Bones I REALLY enjoyed. I think I actually loved this book. It’s a book that I plan on getting my mom to read. I want more of this world and I want more of L.A. Kelley’s works.

Then there is the narration by Ruth Redman. Her voice is calm, collected, and I genuinely felt the main character in her narration. It was the perfect pick for this book. I can see myself listening to her voice again in another project.

All in all, this was a good book and I definitely recommend be it visual or audio.

Final rating: 4.5/5

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