Book #52: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol

After a tumble down the rabbit hole, Alice finds herself far away from home in the absurd world of Wonderland. As mind-bending as it is delightful, Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel is pure magic for young and old alike.

I am a lover of Victorian fiction and I love Alice in Wonderland . . . well, I think I should clarify that I love the aesthetics of Alice in Wonderland. I actually haven’t found a retelling of the original that I liked even though I never read the original.

That is until now . . .

And really, I feel that it was about as interesting as the retellings I read or movie adaptations. The world is so weird that I can see how there are so many different styles for the story itself. It’s the mythos of Wonderland that matters, not so much the content.

I honestly didn’t care for this story. However, I think it’s because of my mind. I don’t have as much of a childlike mind as I’ve assumed. It is a story that pulled Bug (my six year old) rather easily, but confused me. I know there are historical and logical references in the book, but it seems to have went over my head.

That said, I’m happy that I read it and I think I would try again. In fact, I see myself reading it and doing research in the future.

Final Rating: 2/5, but 6yo Bug liked listening to it and I would read it again

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