Book #74: Willow Woods Academy for Witches by R.L. Weeks and Skylar McKinzie

An unforgettable YA novel filled with mystery and magic. Fans of Harry Potter and Beautiful Creatures will love this series.

Kat and Angie have just enrolled at Willow Woods Academy for Witches against their parent’s wishes. They’re thrown into a magical, mysterious world that is everything they dreamt it to be. However, when an ancient book falls into their laps, their worlds are turned upside down.
10 years ago, a rivalry between the covens of Willow Woods Academy and Morwood’s School cost many their lives and cast a dark shadow over the academy. Now, Morwood’s has opened again for the first time since the incident, and mysterious happenings are occurring – and they all seem to be surrounding Kat.
School’s never easy, and with her exams coming up, a stalker in the trees, and her family name shadowing doubt over what side she’s on, the first year of school is more of an adventure than she had ever anticipated. 

Willow Woods Academy for Witches by R. L. Weeks and Skylar Mickinzie is a novella length young adult fantasy centered on two girls who run away from their homes to the school they have learned about: an all girls boarding school centered on witchcraft.

The two girls are best friends and only just learned about their magical background. Their parents kept the fact hidden for different reasons. This leads to the main mystery of the book; just why did they not tell their daughters the truth?

The truth is darker than the girls anticipated. They learn about magic in the school, a dark history, and how they may be in the center of it all. Despite not wanting to be involved.

In all, the writing wasn’t bad. I found the story to be a bit quick and jumped around. This made it a bit difficult to follow and I was unable to form a strong opinion of either girl. The world itself though lended to be interesting. I did want to learn more about the magical system and how it went with the whole scheme. Um, I didn’t really care for the climax though. It felt lacking in action and umpf for me.

That said, the book itself wasn’t bad and I could see myself reading the sequel later.

Final Rating: 3/5

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