Book #75: Dragon Wars: A Dragon Novella by Rich Scribes

Two realms collide in this epic introduction of Dragon Wars: A Dragon Novella. Bryce, has always believed to himself that he was just a typical teenage boy, until one day he is attacked in the school court yard and his attacker wants to kidnap him. Bryce’s world is turn upside down when he is told that he may be the key to opening up another world. A world that he didn’t knew existed…

Okay. Well, I bought this book a while back and had it on my kindle. Because of Book Battle, a Facebook group that is a competitive reading game, I read this book for an extra freebie point and to clean my brain.

That said, I honestly didn’t care for this book.

The pros: The book was a quick one. It didn’t take much brain power and the writing style itself wasn’t bad. It was a beginning to a series and for a first book, it could have been better, but I wouldn’t say it was horrible.

The cons: Unfortunately, there are quite a few of them, in my opinion. For one, there are a large number of characters whose first names start with the letter Z. It felt as if the author had looked in a baby name book and just picked out every Z name he could. Yes, the people with the Z names are special, but I feel that it would make more sense that another letter was used. Sure, a dragon person probably shouldn’t have the name Jason, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be a weird name like Zogarth. It’s just not believable if they are in our world.

Another part was the plot twist. It honestly didn’t feel believable either. It would make more sense if the character in question had a different type of relationship with the main character. It felt like a quick need to change up and isolate the main character. There are other ways to do it and this choice wasn’t my favorite.

Unfortunately, because of those cons, I was turned off by the book. Now, if it was just the Z names that were bothering me, that would be a different story. I think I could continue with the series.

Does this deter me from the author? Nah. I think I’d read more from him someday. He has the potential to do better and I do think it will happen. This book series though? I’m good.

Final Rating: 2/5

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