Happy Birthday, Bro!- A Word Crawl

As you probably have figured out, I am on a Word Crawl kick. I have written another one to share with the class. I hope you guys enjoy it and it helps with your writing! I’m probably going to use it myself now.


Happy Birthday, Bro! – A Word Crawl

 Hey you! It’s been a while since you went on that quest with the cat. After you saved Bast from that little illness, the cat took you back to your apartment. It has been a while since you’ve done that quest and, to be honest, you’re starting to get a bit bored. You begin to wonder if there will be any more adventures for you in the future.

Write 150 words to get out of the apartment to get rid of this boredom.

 What’s this? You open your door to find an unusual letter on the ground. It is actually a large leaf, but it has your address on it and a stamp. You pick it up and read what it says.

Hey, bro! We have a birthday party happening soon! You should join us- your Sasquatch pals.

You can’t help but be excited about this. It’s been a while since you last went to a party. In fact, it was the party you held to get that Sasquatch hair. How cool is it that you get to see them again? Not only that, but you get to do it outside of questing. That’s awesome! Uh oh…. There’s just one problem with this… you don’t have a birthday present.

Do a 5 minute sprint to decide whether or not you are going to give the Sasquatch a present. Because, just what do you give a Sasquatch?

  •  If you have written less than 80 words, you think it’s best to not bother with a present. If anything, your presence should be enough. Write an extra 100 words if you’ve changed your mind about not giving a gift. If you haven’t, head over to THE PARTY.
  • If you have written 81+ words, you are a great guest for parties, especially birthdays. Of course you want to give the Sasquatch a present. It’s just not cool if you don’t.

Since you’ve decided that the gift is the best idea, what are you going to give the Sasquatch? Sprint for another 5 minutes as you try to think of options.

  • If you have written 40-80 words, you aren’t that great at gift giving. You decide that a humor birthday card with a gift card to Supercuts is the best option.
  • If you have written 81-100 words, you have thought of an amazing hair barrette and head band. Who cares what gender the Sasquatch is, when it comes to hair you must always be fashionable.
  • If you have written 101+ words, your brilliant mind went to the most obvious gift. You decide a shampoo and conditioner set that is cruelty free and all natural would be perfect for your fuzzy tree hugging friend.

Now that you have the gift, you’re ready to see your Sasquatch friends. Go you! Making friends and having a fun time is great. Call up or message a fellow writer and set up a writing war. Try and beat your friend’s word count in a 20 minute sprint. If you lose, that’s okay, you had some fun. If you won, you are awesome! Take a 5 minute break after your awesome writing party. (If you can’t get a hold of a fellow writer to sprint with, that’s okay. Sprint against yourself with two 10 minute sprints. If you can double the last number, consider that a win and take a 5 minute break.)


 You’ve made it to the Sasquatch birthday party and boy is it crazy. Do a 5 minute sprint to socialize with your buds.

 If you went to the party WITHOUT A GIFT, the Sasquatch are happy to have you there, but disappointed. You have the choice to Write 500 words to get a gift or Minus 3 minutes to the following sprints.

 It’s time for some entertainment! Are you going to have Music at the party or Nature’s Call? Sprint for 10 minutes to see what you’ve chosen.

  • If you have written 80-150 words, you chose NATURE’S CALL. The party isn’t as crazy as it could be, but sometimes just socializing with friends is best.
  • If you have written 151+ words, you chose Celebrate your awesome writing skills and friendship with a favorite song. Dance, sing, and just enjoy this moment.

It’s time to open presents! Yay! Sprint for 5 minutes as you watch the Sasquatch open its gifts (minus 3 minutes if you didn’t bring anything).

  • If you have less than 40 words, the Sasquatch aren’t too pleased with your ability to party alongside them. They are questioning whether to invite you to future shindigs. Write 150 words to convince them to let you in another party.
  • If you have written 41-80 words, the Sasquatch are pleased with your party skills and would like to have you around again. They also think you need help loosening those fingers. Write 75 words since you understand that sometimes you need to work on relaxing.
  • If you have written 81+ words, dude! You are probably the coolest cat in the forest! Go have a fun time with your Sasquatch pals. They loved the way you moved and grooved, how you brought the perfect gift, and you knew all the words to their songs. That’s pretty badass. Go have a party right now to celebrate. You did great.

 Man, that was some party. Take a break and have a good time with your writing. I’m proud of you, pal.

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