Book #47: Small Town Terrors by Roger Alderman Jr

A carefully crafted collection of southern gothic short stories derived from the urban legends of small-town America. Each fictional supernatural thriller inside was made to get your heart racing and question whether they were in fact stories or something far more sinister.

I received an Audible code for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.

Small Town Terrors is a collection of horror stories all centered around a small town in Florida and its residents. If you think the news stories about Floridians are scary, wait until you read or listen to this book.

There were some short stories that didn’t resonate with me and I felt were used often, but Alderman started and ended the book on a strong note. He left the mythos open for something more and I wouldn’t mind seeing a more expanded universe of the small town he crafted in this collection of short stories.

There were two in particular that really stood out for me. One about a family who are having money and food troubles and the other is about a girl during Halloween night. With the first story, I’m not sure how it fits with the small town. It felt like it belonged in a more dystopian like horror book, but I do think it was unique. I would love to see that expanded and made into something more full length or even see more of that strange setting.

The same goes for the Halloween story. It would make for a great book. It had a mythology to it that I wanted to know more of and fits perfectly with the small town Alderman crafted.

This was a good quick horror collection with a bit of something for all types of horror fans. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the small town or even a full-length book based off of one of Alderman’s stories (there seemed to be a hint of something like that in the last two stories).

Final Rating: 3/5

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