Cafe’ Reads is being released! Tomorrow, August 10, 2021, the short story anthology will be live on Amazon.

You can get it on ebook for $0.99, but watch out! The price will jump to $2.99 on September 11.

If you’d rather get the paperback, it will be live on August 10, 2021, for $9.99. That price will not be changing.

Cafe’ Reads is a short story anthology featuring stories from some of the anthologies I’ve been in. So, if you missed out on getting one of those anthologies, you’ll still be able to read the stories I contributed.

It is a multi-genre anthology featuring some horror, romance, fantasy, and contemporary works. There is something for every reader.

I am looking forward to your thoughts on my book and seeing the reviews. Seriously, the worst review an author can have is no review. I’d rather see a “this was awful” or “you need to stop writing” type of review than seeing nothing. Why? Well, nothing means it wasn’t even opened. The fact people took the time to read it, whether it is received poorly or not, is enough for me.

Besides, no one is going to tell me to stop writing. Been there, done that, have yet to get the t-shirt.

Find Cafe’ Reads on AMAZON


Teasing Over Turnovers
The Custom
One Cut
A Day in Thornfield Hall
Forever After
Marooned in Missouri
Love’s Cry
Through the Veil
The God of the Forest

A gentleman adopts a young girl and questions his decision. A woman joins a production of a well-loved play only to find her enemy is there too. An ancient being of a forest is dying until a single woman chooses to make a sacrifice.

In these eleven stories, Casia Pickering dives into different worlds of romance, fear, and sacrifice. Featuring stories originally published in Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies and Enchanted Anthologies, Café Reads is a multi-genre anthology that welcomes the reader to enjoy a cup of coffee and sit for a story.

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