Release day! The Rose of Rudolph Canyon by Casia Pickering

Today, my Christmas romance is live on Amazon. It’s available in ebook and paperback. If you love a ghost story, Christmas, and are looking for a sweet sapphic romance, check out The Rose of Rudolph Canyon.

With twinkling lights, children laughing, and snow covered hills, Rudolph Canyon is a winter wonderland filled with Christmas joy. Every Christmas Eve, children sleep dreaming of the next day’s events. And as they dream, a lone woman runs to the cliff edge of the canyon.

One Christmas Eve, Andrea McDermot saw the mysterious woman and everything changed. Fifteen years later, Andrea has her dream life in the small Virginia town. But Christmas is returning and with it, the woman who experiences her death at Midnight.

Marian Hahn is an assistant director to the historical society. A lifelong resident, she had heard the stories about the spirit who wanders the canyon every Christmas Eve. For Marian, it is a heartbreaking mystery waiting to be solved.

Together, Andrea and Marian join forces to do the impossible: to perform a Christmas miracle for The Rose of Rudolph Canyon.

Check it out on Amazon!

The Rose of Rudolph Canyon is part of the Santa’s Workshop Series, a series of holiday books set in different worlds, different genres, and written by different authors. You can find other books at Santa’s Work Shop.

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