Me With My Family

I have always hated the idea of calling a divorced family “broken”. I recognize that not every child gets a fairly calm experience when their parents divorce, but I did. I do not remember my parents ever being married. Never have I felt unloved by my mother or father. I have never felt like a tool or weapon. My mom and dad communicate consistently and even now, as an adult, they are both heavily involved in my life. I would be lost without either of them and I refuse to think anything would happen.

There is also a strong sibling bond. I have younger siblings saying I am Mom 2.0 which I find pride in even though, in great emotional distress, there could be a downside to that statement. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or them. Well, maybe one or two if they get too mouthy with me. For like a day. But, really, all five of my younger siblings mean so much to me. There is one sibling where the relationship is rocky, but he knows if it was extremely important, I would be there.

My found family are my best friends. I have found some online and one has been with me for almost 22 years now. I would do anything I could do for them and I know it’s the same with them. They are the ones I go do with my new ideas and my writings.

My most important family member is Bug, my son. He is a seriously cool kid. He’s hilarious, sharp, and compassionate. What I love about him is he gets involved with my writing. When I ask if he wants to hear a current work, he will ask about the genre and make sure the snippet I am sharing is age-appropriate. This always makes me laugh because I never read him inappropriate scenes and if a work has adult themes, I tell him what to look out for and give him time to decide for himself.

I am lucky enough that all of these people are my support system and I have the greatest. My mom and dad can’t stop talking about my books (I have heard, they are good at hiding it from me). I know a few of my siblings have mentioned my works to people. One brother, The Viking, always asks if I’ve been writing to make sure I make a deadline. Another brother, Jay, threatens to hit me with his wheelchair if I don’t work.

My best friends are consistently checking up on me and helping me with parts that have me stumped. Even Bug has helped me cross over a writing block every now and then. He supplies ideas, commentary, quotes, and makes sure I am writing. A support system is a great thing to have.

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