Coming Soon! Codename: Top Secret January by Casia Pickering

I’m happy to announce that I will have a novella released as soon as the ball drops to 2023!


This year has been a difficult one for me regarding writing. But I’ve finished a novella, and it’s being released in under a month.

During a playful game of hide and seek, one orphan finds an unknown person’s remains inside a tree.

War veteran turned reporter, Arthur Ashcroft is assigned to the story, and it could make his career. With his photographer, Penny Compton, the two travel to the small village of Thornhurst. There, they investigate the human remains found inside a wych elm.

What begins as a true crime report brings out a secret the government would rather keep hidden. A valuable secret that everyone wants.

Will Arthur and Penny find the truth or is the woman in the wych elm forever lost?




Codename: Top Secret January releases January 1, 2023. It is available on multiple ebook platforms for $3.99. Click HERE to pre-order now!

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