How I wish there was two of me: A 60 second thought

Have you ever sat back and wondered that if there were two of you, you could get a lot more done? Today is one of those days.

I have so many different ideas and chores that I just don’t know how to organize my one self. It’d be a whole lot easier with two of me around. I’d never grow bored because there would be someone to talk to who understands me. The chores will get done faster. And, I could write more than one book in a given time. It’s perfect!

Sadly, the downside is too great. I’d be stuck feeding the other me. I’d be my worst critic. The bed would be too crowded with me, my husband, and the three dogs already taking room. It’d be hell to add another me into the mix. Bug would probably be confused as to who is his birth mommy. My husband may forget to kiss the right wife. And, from experience, I cause more drama for myself than any other person. I guess a second me isn’t a great idea.

But, if I was able to turn off the ability and only have it on for chores, I’d do it. It’d be worth it to have a clean house.

Well, onto cleaning. Joy.

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