Writing Update!

Well, I’m still stuck on chapter nine of my book and I don’t plan on making the little deadline I gave myself. I decided to take it slow. That way I can pay closer attention to the detail I want and hopefully make a better book than I would have if I just ran through it like a freight train.

I am writing short stories on the side and have just submitted a story to THE FIRST LINE LITERARY JOURNAL. I had a story published by them last year and I figured if I keep going, I can get it again. I’m hoping to have a short story in every publication for this year. That will be four stories! Of course, I have to wait and see.

I am also working on a few short stories for a contest. The admission is $4 per story, so I plan on submitting two.

Well, there’s the writing update. In case you all were wondering.

2 thoughts on “Writing Update!”

  1. I really wanted to write on for that entry to the first line but I didn’t devote the time sadly. Going to try for the next one though. Good luck to you! And I agree with you, go at the book at your own pace. Do what you can and keep going! You always inspire me to get back to the writing.

    1. Oh, thanks! I’ve never thought of myself as an inspiration, but I love hearing that from you. ^_^ The First Line can seem a bit daunting. The first time I tried I didn’t make it. The second time I did. This time, I fear it’s up in the air.

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