Random Emotional Update

I don’t know if some of you are worrying about my mental/emotional health because of a previous update, but I figured I’d reassure you.
I have an appointment set up for Monday and I will be going to talk about my depression. In truth, it is mild. I don’t think about hurting myself and the urge to punch hasn’t been present. It’s more that I keep muttering “I hate myself” and that isn’t good. Therefore, I’m going to talk to the doctor and find out what she would recommend. I honestly think a holistic method would be best for the moment, but I’m willing to hear what she recommends first.
Also, I’ve noticed a great lifting in negative energy. I finished a short story and quite literally, I felt the pressures disappear. It was as if the story itself was pressuring me and causing me to feel terrible. Or it could be the fact that I was able to achieve something and submit it. I must be getting more serious about my writing. And that absolutely thrills me.
I have another three stories in my head waiting to be written down. I plan on submitting two to a contest and the last one will be submitted to the same journal that I was published Spring last year. I also have my book. Yeah, I have a renewed sense of enjoyment. I guess it just has to do with what I achieve…

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