Meds, Writing, and Working Out

As of late, I have been having my off days more frequent and so, I decided to go to the doctor for it. Well, the appointment went well and on Thursday I will be calling the mental health center to find a Cognitive Behavioral therapist to help me find the tools of coping. I also have meds, which I’m not too happy about, but as long as I have a plan set, I can live with it. With something I’ve had since childhood, it seems silly sometimes to bandage it up with meds, but I realize that I won’t have to take the meds forever. I just need to find and execute healthy habits to keep me going strong.

And speaking of healthy habits: I have not really changed my overall diet, but I’m sure that will be in the works sometime. It’s just hard to say no to bacon or chocolate. However, I am writing and working out more. It seems that almost every day I’ve been doing something active since my emotional explosion. In fact, on Friday one of my sisters and I are going to try out Hot Yoga. I’m very excited about that.

As for my writing: It’s going strong. I have just finished a short story. Or really, a vignette. But anyways, I finished that and I’m working on two other short stories at the moment. I’m also working on chapter nine of my book. I’m hoping that my new battle plan will help me finish before June. I really want to pursue an agent before the end of this year. It’s a big goal, but if I can get an agent, I’ll be that much closer to something I’ve always dreamed of.

Currently, I’m just hoping to hear that my story made it to the journal and that the others won something. I’d be happy with an honorable mention. It’s really difficult knowing that you have something, but never quite making it. Of course, I really can’t say that anymore. But, believe me, that feeling never changes and I doubt it ever will.

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