Something I Should’ve Done a While Ago….

Last weekend has been pretty bad for me mentally. I have been having headaches, weird dreams, and I’ve had two mini-anxiety attacks. But, I kept moving and aside from that the weekend was busy and eventful.

Friday night, I stayed up all night writing down every fiction book I owned in a little journal. I never use journals (I’m a composition notebook girl), so I had plenty to choose from. I needed to write down every fiction book because, really, if you are a huge bibliophile like me, you’d just buy books to own and never read certain ones. I have purged the ones I’d never read and now I have a large list of books.

I used a red pen and check marked every book I have read. Alas, it wasn’t as much as I was expecting. So, next year’s reading goal will be to surpass this year’s book number AND read all or most of the books I own.

Saturday, Bug and I ran all over the place. We went to my mom in the morning and hung out with her. She had just gotten back from a business trip and was in a serious need of Bugtime. That afternoon we met up with my husband and hauled butt to my dad’s place. We then drove to an Aviation museum out in Pungo to see a car show.

Really, I didn’t need to be there. All four boys (My husband, Bug, Dad, and my brother) were having a time of their lives. Not like I wasn’t, but I probably could’ve been abducted by aliens and they’d be more interested in the vintage car in front of them. Bug wanted to go into every car. He would try to get my husband and dad to pick him up, thinking they would just place them in the car. When that didn’t work, he tried strangers. I’m glad no one picked him up.

Yesterday, I tried to do some well needed shampooing, but I broke the shampooer. I had a mini-anxiety attack trying to get it fixed. Bug seemed genuinely freaked. He handed me a book and pushed me away from the shampooer one time. Another time he tried to fix it. And then, he decided to sit on my lap and shower me with kisses. He’s such a good kid.

I finally decided to leave it all alone and then went to work on other things. So, yeah, a pretty busy weekend. I’m finally caught up in my sleep and my husband was able to clean the shampooer. I think I’ll do some minor chores and continue with my crafting for a farmer’s market in November.

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