Getting Ready…

I have just started the preliminaries of my NaNoWriMo and boy am I excited! I’m going to do something I don’t usually do: Pants it! That’s right, the ultimate planner who makes lists of lists is going to pants the hell out of NaNoWriMo. Sure, the ultimate goal is to get 50k words, but my own personal goal is just to see how far I can go pantsing and if that is a method for writing in the future when the planning isn’t going so well.

In case you are wondering, the NaNo project is going to be based off of a nonsensical funny idea I had in high school. It’s called FLYING PINK PENGUINS ATTACK! Yep, the title should basically say it all. But, if you’re still wondering what it’s going to be about here’s the synopsis:

Randal “Rand” M. Guy, is a regular guy. He has a regular job as a Barista in Cafe’ Luna. He has the normal dream of one day getting the girl; Lizzie Dodge. She is everything a man could want, except that she’s his half brother’s girlfriend. Yep, Rand is well, your average random guy. Nothing special. Except for…

Beck the human raised by aliens. A hummingbird captain of a spaceship (he has an eyepatch). The assortment of gamers that come into the cafe’ for that extra +2 magic elixir (coffee). AND, we can’t forget an alien race out to destroy the world and take the one thing Rand wants.

But, yeah, he’s a normal guy… who happens to fight when… FLYING PINK PENGUINS ATTACK!

As you can see, it’s supposed to be ridiculous. And, I’m actually good at that. I once wrote a creative nonfiction about the DMV, liking it to a hellish world where the world looks grey and dismal through the windows. I’ve also likened grocery shopping to a race. I hate grocery shopping.

Anyways, I’m also getting ready to for a local Farmer’s Market in November. My best friend offered her table to help sell my book marks and covers. Since, I have a bunch of fabric, I went to town sewing. I’m all done with the bookmarks and I only have a portion of the book covers done.

So yeah, I’m a busy bee. On top of that I’m also writing my book which I can finally get into! I have a feeling Paxil maybe slightly to blame (only slightly, I am lazy). I’ve been welcomed by thoughts and interesting story connections since I’ve been off the meds. Sure, I was in better control of my emotions with the pills, but I was nowhere as creative as without. Needless to say, I’m happy. Getting ready to get a bunch done and boy am I excited!

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