Book #81: The Ghost Files 2 by Apryl Baker


At seventeen, Mattie Hathaway has survived her mother attempting to kill her, multiple foster homes, and a serial killer. Oh, and she sees ghosts on a regular basis too. You’d think Fate would give her a break right? Umm…nope, not Mattie.

Dan Richards is the only person in the entire world Mattie trusts, but then the boy goes and breaks her heart. Mattie does what she does best, she runs and lands herself slap in the middle of a haunted house full of ghosts turned vengeful that want Mattie to join their ranks.

Only bright spot on all this? Eli Malone – the gorgeous boy with the beautiful aqua eyes that makes her feel things she’s never even imagined before. She’s not sure what to do with him, especially when Dan shows up glowering at him.

She’ll figure Eli out if she can survive the house. The ghosts are bound and determined to kill her so she’ll be one of them. Now if she can just figure out how to survive them and the demon stalking her, she might be able to decide what to do about her feelings for Dan and Eli.

That is if she can survive the night in the house?

I was completely in the story once I finished the first The Ghost Files that it didn’t take long for me to get the second book. I was hesitant at first about getting the Audible version, but when I saw there was a new narrator, I went for it.

I didn’t care for the first narrator. She was high pitched and I felt too whiny for Mattie. Plush her male voices were hard to get into. On the verse side, the second book’s narrator was great. Mat tie didn’t have that whiny voice. She sounded like a teen and when the issue about Dan finding a girlfriend came up, I was glad that the narrator wasn’t the first. That narrator, in that moment, would have forced me to stop the book series altogether.

The story itself was alright. We get more of the world’s mythology and more ghosts. Though the concept of Eli’s family can be annoying, I feel Baker did a good job with that tripe by presenting a history that could work. Mattie’s gift is becoming more interesting and we learn a shocking revelation about Dan.

Though I did predict most of what had happened, I still enjoyed the story. Like with the first book, this one ended on a cliffhanger and I was forced to read the next book. 

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