Just A Regular Monday Update

Nothing really special going on with this update. As you know from last week, I finished my editing and was planning on getting it all typed. Unfortunately, last week has felt like a mess of running around. I have started the typing though. 

I am trying to figure out what genre for a short story and keep flopping to urban fantasy and contemporary humor. Maybe I’ll just write both and have someone pick the best out of the two. Yeah, that’s probably best.

As for my regular life, I am done with present shopping. I am also slowly losing weight. I am almost ten pounds less than I was at my doctor appointment last month. It’s a great feeling. What I’ve really been doing is a bunch of activity. I am walking more. Jay is making sure I keep it up and he seems to be having a blast with that.

Our animals are doing alright. Our patriarch dog, Sarge, isn’t looking too hot. Because of Pumpkin we haven’t had the funds for a vet trip. Luckily we haven’t had to wait too long. I am setting that up today after the morning shift with Jay.

All in all, it is a typical Holiday season life right now. Everything seems to be going by fast and I don’t have time to figure things out. I need a day of just me time… Granted, that would be a day of just hiding in the house. 

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