Happy New Year!

So, this new year is going to be a bit exciting. I was waiting to announce this, but I think I’ll go ahead since we’re close to finishing. I’m in an anthology! Yep! One of my stories is in an anthology. It’ll be published sometime early this year. So, keep an eye out on the blog about me gushing even more about it.

I’m also submitting another story into another anthology. Fingers crossed on that one.

And, I’m currently writing a first draft to a standalone YA thriller. We’ll see how that goes, but I feel it’s going to be amazing. Just a feeling. I’m also going to be rewriting a book and possibly getting more stories out there.

In short, 2018 is going to be the year of writing.

As for my reading, you’ll be seeing less reviews out here. I have a long list of ARCs I basically compiled last year and haven’t finished. I feel terrible about it. So, instead of so many blog tours, I’m leaving myself one and the rest of the ARCs are from that long list.

I’m hoping to have an update on my writing on Wednesdays (if anyone is interested in that stuff). Those updates will just be me talking about what I’m doing and the progress of projects. So, at the least, there will be one blog post a week. I won’t do that this week since this is basically that update, but next week Writing Wednesday begins.

I’m lessening my book goal and I’m planning on taking pictures on my Instagram of the books I’ve finished in the year. So, yep, this year is going to be different, but hopefully better.

Thank you everyone who has stuck with this blog, who has just joined us, and those who will join in. You guys are amazing. I don’t tell you guys that enough.

Thank you.

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