Writing Wednesday #4: Fiction Via Poll (FVP)

Hey Y’all! Do you want to know what I love?

I love polls. That’s right, polls.

Polls are amazing. You learn a lot from people by what they choose. You can change a person’s decision by showing them enough evidence. I think, sometimes, I’m even more excited when my opinion is changed by a great argument.

What can I say? I’m odd.

So, what does this have to with with this Wednesday’s Writing Wednesday? Well, next month is my birthday and I set up an open event that has to do with writing and polls! Two of my favorite things (next to cake, cookies, chocolate, Bug, Will, Books… and so much more)!

Basically, I find I can write a chapter a day. I also found out you can put documents on an event in Facebook. After chatting with a friend, I came up with the idea. I will write a chapter and the audience will vote on what happens next. It will be a writing exercise. Sure, this means that people will have chapters as I go, but this also means I’ll have Beta Readers.

That said, I’m not seeing myself finishing the story in one month anyways (or really 2 weeks because that’s all Facebook allows). But, that’s neither here nor there. This is an exercise more than anything. It’s a challenge to see what I can do as a writer and see how far my friends can push my writing. If it does go beyond that, then it will, but I’m not doing this for that.

You guys want to join on the fun?

Join Us

If you don’t want to join with the fun, that’s fine. But, if you do . . .

I’m seriously excited. Can’t wait!

Note. If this goes well . . . I’m totally going to do FVP (Fiction Via Poll) more often.

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