Writing Wednesday: Getting a Schedule Down

As much as I hate to say this, it's true. Writing is a job. It's becoming more and more a job I want to pursue, but trying to find that sweet spot of writing time is difficult. All of the authors I follow or am friends with have found their own special time for writing.… Continue reading Writing Wednesday: Getting a Schedule Down

Writing Wednesday: This Reading Thing

It is a tale as old as time: Authors advising the aspiring writers to read. Yes, read. Why this reading thing? Well, you need to know your audience. That's a biggie. And you might get some great inspiration from what you read (both good and bad). But really, I feel it's to keep the author… Continue reading Writing Wednesday: This Reading Thing

Writing Wednesday #8: Follow Your Dreams and Keep Fighting

Today is actually my Bug's sixth birthday. It's a big day for him and for our family in general. He's my parents' first grandbaby and our first child. On top of that, he was a big motivator to my writing. I have always wanted to write. There was never a day where I wasn't writing… Continue reading Writing Wednesday #8: Follow Your Dreams and Keep Fighting

Writing Wednesday #8: Meet Celia McMahon

Hey guys! As I said in the first Writing Wednesday post, I would sometimes be giving a shout out to other authors or people who help in the writing/publishing process. Well, here is my first time doing it. Meet Celia McMahon. Isn't she gorgeous? Okay, how do I know her? Well, she happens to be… Continue reading Writing Wednesday #8: Meet Celia McMahon

Writing Wednesday #7: A Street Team?

Yep, that's right! I have a street team now. No, I don't have a ton of books under my belt right now and no, I don't have a lot to give in giveaways or other awesome street team incentives, but I have one! It's a big deal for me because I wanted to be able… Continue reading Writing Wednesday #7: A Street Team?

Writing Wednesday #4: Fiction Via Poll (FVP)

Hey Y'all! Do you want to know what I love? I love polls. That's right, polls. Polls are amazing. You learn a lot from people by what they choose. You can change a person's decision by showing them enough evidence. I think, sometimes, I'm even more excited when my opinion is changed by a great… Continue reading Writing Wednesday #4: Fiction Via Poll (FVP)

Writing Wednesday #2

Hey guys! Dance party! I might just start every Writing Wednesday with a dance party, because... dancing is fun! It's even more fun with your friends. Just look at those guys! They are having fun. So, let's have fun with them. A dance party also makes sense because I want to talk about background music.… Continue reading Writing Wednesday #2