Writing Wednesday: An Update

Just last week I was helping my mom with gathering some things. I went upstairs to look for an item she couldn’t find. I had hoped that maybe an extra pair of eyes would find it. I found other things, more pretty things, that took my attention. The next thing I knew, mom was yelling for me.

She basically told me she wondered if I got lost in something else instead of the task at hand. I didn’t lie to her, I did get lost and I still kept looking for the item, but couldn’t find it. She laughed at me. I laughed at me.

I tell this story first because that is the way I am. I get focused on one thing, but only for a set amount of time. And then, other things come in. They wave and dance at me, singing my praises, and ask me to touch.

Even right now I’m trying to remember what my focus on this topic is…

Ah, yes, an update. How does this connect to updates? Well, because I suck at updates. Just like in the last WW post, I said I needed to work on my time management. Apparently, in the same vein, my little brain needs some management as well.

There is a Fiction Friday I have been doing on my street team for peeps, but then I stopped. I just stopped. I want to go back to it, but other stuff is getting in the way. And my brain. Can’t forget my brain. So, I’m thinking of setting up a mailing list and having the polls on survey monkey instead of on Facebook.

I figure I will do this as a monthly thing. It’ll give peeps a chance to read and vote. It will also give me time to write. I know, this is sad. Seriously sad. But, I think this will be a better move.

I am still writing and I’ll never stop, but reading seems to have been taking most of my time this month.

And so… here I am looking at the shiny or the squirrels. Hopefully, I can get the management better.

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