Writing Wednesday #8: Meet Celia McMahon

Hey guys! As I said in the first Writing Wednesday post, I would sometimes be giving a shout out to other authors or people who help in the writing/publishing process. Well, here is my first time doing it.

Meet Celia McMahon.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Okay, how do I know her? Well, she happens to be a fellow admin in the book club I’m in on FB. AND she’s a writer! What’s more, her book is coming out some time this year.

Her publisher had suggested she start a blog for peeps to start getting to know her and make a foundation of readers. I agree, it’s a good idea. That said, I also told her I would tell you guys about her.

Her book that’s coming out has to do with wolves, fantasy, magic, and death. I told her I wanted an ARC and I’m hoping I do get that to provide her and you all a review of the book.

Give me a solid and check out her blog. She is mostly posting reviews right now, but really, that’s not new for you guys given that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing (you guys are troopers, I tell you). But, I know she will be posting stuff about her writing and what’s going on too.

So, yeah check out her blog here or check out her Goodreads and follow her here. Or, you know, do both. I do.

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