Unleashed is the third installment to Celia McMahon's Unspoken trilogy. AND HERE IS THE GORGEOUS COVER! “I will claim my victory with claws and teeth and steel.” In the wake of her battle to protect the Den, Izzy has crossed back into Stormwall to enact her plan with the former prince, Ashe, to retake the… Continue reading COVER REVEAL: UNLEASHED by Celia McMahon

COVER REVEAL: Unspoken by Celia McMahon

BOOK BLURB The Voiceless have been stripped of their land, poisoned, and forced into war with kings for decades. It is said that they made a pact with demons of the seven hells and can change into giant, ferocious wolves. And seventeen-year-old Princess Isabelle is in love with one. She's gone against all the rules… Continue reading COVER REVEAL: Unspoken by Celia McMahon

Writing Wednesday #8: Meet Celia McMahon

Hey guys! As I said in the first Writing Wednesday post, I would sometimes be giving a shout out to other authors or people who help in the writing/publishing process. Well, here is my first time doing it. Meet Celia McMahon. Isn't she gorgeous? Okay, how do I know her? Well, she happens to be… Continue reading Writing Wednesday #8: Meet Celia McMahon