Writing Wednesday: This Reading Thing

It is a tale as old as time: Authors advising the aspiring writers to read. Yes, read.

Why this reading thing?

Well, you need to know your audience. That’s a biggie. And you might get some great inspiration from what you read (both good and bad). But really, I feel it’s to keep the author from going mad.

But, you guys probably already know this. So, why am I talking about it? Because I just did a reading thing! I set aside life and read for 24 hours.

No, it wasn’t yesterday. It was this past Saturday. I figured it was a great move where the blog is concerned and for myself as an author. I haven’t been reading much recently and it was beginning to bug me. I could feel the madness crawling and creeping out of the back of my mind. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that a friend of mine was doing it and I wanted to join in on the torture.

So, how did my 24-hour readathon go? Oh, let me tell you.

Let’s begin with my list of books. This is important. One mustn’t go into a readathon without a battle plan. And I’m all about battle plans. What was my plan?

Note. This is the list I started with. It was subject to change.

And how well did it go? Oh, let me tell you…

11:40pm- Woke up from my nap. Made my coffee and a bagel and I was ready to get to work.

12am- Started reading The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

2am- Started nodding off. Paused The Belles and plugged in Persuasion by Jane Austen from Audible. Did some chores to get the blood flowing.

3:30am- Went back to The Belles. Ate two Snickers. And promptly messaged Mack about my thoughts on the book (she refuses to spoil this book for me which only makes me want to finish because dammit, I won’t know unless I do or get spoiled).

4:00am- I’m getting tired. I know that in a few more hours Bug will be up and I would have to be Mom again. While reading. And no sleep. Yeah, I think this isn’t going well. Mack suggests I change it to 24 hours of reading in 48 hours. Far more doable. She, on the other hand, is still kicking ass.

4:30am- I caved. I went to bed.

So, yep, the beginning was an epic fail. I had decided to do what Mack suggested and also finish certain books.

Really, it’s not the hour challenge that matters, it’s that I’m reading. It’s sad to say that I’ve read more in this than I did all week. That alone is saying something. I just needed that push to just sit and read.

So, that was my reading thing. Any suggestions for others?

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